5 Things to do before running a Facebook Ad

It is undeniable that Facebook is the leader when it comes to advertising or marketing new offers. However, certain steps are needed to be followed to have a successful Facebook ad campaign.

The following are proven Facebook advertising strategies that for sure, you don’t want to miss.

  1. Point Out Your Ad’s Goal

Ask yourself, “What am I trying to get from my ad?” Is it brand awareness? More leads? Or more traffic? How about more sales?

If you are just a newbie to Facebook advertising, then probably your goal is to increase traffic for your website or gain more page likes. As you get more experience, your goal might shift to lead generation and higher conversions on your offers.

  1. Select Your Offer

You can optimize your Facebook ad by familiarizing yourself with Facebook’s creative options. It is very important to identify your clients for you to determine which ones want more of your offer.

However, you have to identify first what types of clients you are hoping to deal with. Also, do not forget to check their interest since it should be relevant to what you are offering.

  1. Let Your Ad Copy and Images Shine Like a Star

Upon identifying your target, make sure that your ad copy and visuals stand out among the rest. Don’t forget to follow Facebook’s text rules to avoid any inconvenience on your part. When creating your ad, be sure that you’ve already read and understood Facebook’s policies.

You can also take a look at your competitors’ ads to have a better idea before creating yours. But of course, be creative on your own.

  1. Time to Put Your Ad to the Test

It is a good habit to test a couple of pages just to identify which one entices the highest rate when it comes to conversion. This will enhance your performance as you improve your work.

Time is also a critical aspect when conducting the test. Promote your Facebook ad preferably during the night time or weekends, where your target audience tends to be active, rather than during working hours or days.

  1. Figure Out what a Successful ROI Is

Tracking the success of your Facebook ad is a MUST. You can easily do this by using one of the most effective ways which are Facebook’s measurement tools. You will have a closer look at your ad’s activities such as page likes, comments, shares, many other things.

But remember that there are a lot of things to consider to have a successful Facebook ad. Solid strategy, clear and crisp messages, realistic expectations, and of course, the right budget. All of these and more should come hand in hand for you to be able to succeed in your Facebook advertising campaign.

It may sound daunting, but taking it one step at a time will lead you to greater success using the power of Facebook.

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